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As well as kinda unforeseen (a minimum of i'm stunned by the very first time i recognize this), her assault is Wonderful, so she could counter herself or Ruri when they go 1v1 by coincidence. Simply wish your adversary's Ruri/Nia really did not utilize their aficionado eliminate.


A prospect for the 3rd cancer cells after Velika as well as Ruri, specifically if she obtained her waited for overhaul, which are unsusceptible to all harm and also opportunity to energize on speed/counter assault. However also without them, she is still excellent to make use of for existing International.

Her most usual task on field, specifically if your Nia is just 30 is to resolve protective passive enthusiast with turn from the adversary, like Spike's debuff immune, Nia/Ruri/Heavenia physical immune, as well as Dellons/MingMing damages immune. Kinda much like Ruri, however Nia is much better matched for this since she targets all opponent, as opposed to just 3.


Incidentally, i discover it rather amusing that Holy Cross Crusader is kinda split to the PvP intrigue Nia/Ruri and also PvE intrigue Shane/Sieg/Espada. Also their tradition (on KR) stated that the PvE just think about the PvP as colleague, not buddy.


Her electrify debuff is a good plus for her, yet its proc possibility is kinda reduced, so do not count way too much on it. However still, much better compared to absolutely nothing.


Furnish Referral.

Tool Port 1: Rate.

Tool Port 2: Rate.

Shield Port 1: HP/Counter.

Shield Port 2: HP/Counter.

Future Nia will certainly likewise unsusceptible to Wonderful Strike as well as her speed/counter assault has a high opportunity to energize, so it's a good suggestion to make use of dual Counter on her from currently so you could conserve a couple of Topaz.


Hero's Part.

Rush: Do not utilize her.

Raid: This also.

PvP: A Global hero that could be utilized on any type of type of event. Really fits a World.

Journey: Substantially helpful for sure phase.

Tower: For getting rid of adversary's resistance aficionado as well as tanking physical strike.


She is additionally functional on any kind of type of group, either a Nuker or Turtle. If you went Turtle as well as make her 40, her HP practically get to 4000 also without HP shield. So place her on backline, usage Rudy Velika for protection enthusiast as well as magic damages decline plus Dellons for damages aficionado, it would certainly be a rather scary group." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Netmarble Seven Knights Game



Concern Score.

C for Rush as well as Raid, SS for PvP, S for Journey however SS for late globe 8 Hard as well as Thursday Daily Dungeon, A for Tower.


Not also helpful for Raid as well as perhaps Rush also and also her harm multiplier on her ability is not that high so it's far better to make use of one more hero if you require farming hero. However she aids a great deal on later component of Globe 4 Hard, Globe 8, and also Thursday Daily Dungeon (Dark Aspect).


Aside from Sector, prolly her use is kinda minimal.


As well as prolly she is not that beneficial yet on Tower besides tanking physical harm, at the very least up until her "Rise Cooldown Time" overhaul come.



Energetic 1Active 2Passive

MegavoltTime JumpSecret Bargain

AOE, 85 % MAG, Electrify for 2 turns at a specific price, CD 85s. AOE, 85 % MAG, eliminate enthusiasts period on target by 2 turns, CD 100sImmune to Physical Assault for 3 turns.



She utilized to live an average life, however in some way ended up being a wizard after the lunar eclipse. She is an exceptional craftsmen. Simply provide her the product, as well as she'll develop you whatever you desire. Oh, Bolt is her work of art. The model of Bolt was weak to water and also made from corroded old scrap. Someday, a roaming illusionist saw Bolt and also aided Nia to update him. After compiling a better product and also embedding a magic treasure offered from the illusionist, Bolt came to be a lot more potent compared to ever before.



xLvl 30 +0 Lvl 30 +5 Lvl 40 +5.





wonderful for Ruby farming Systems

Posted by Heather10McSwain on April 13, 2016 at 3:20 PM


Velika - 2 AoE abilities, neglect def, a REQUIREMENT HAVE if you really did not obtain Jave from arbitrary 7k

Jave - 2 AoE abilities, mirror passive, greater AoE dmg multiplier


The adhering to details listed below are based off of my individual encounters.

I will certainly explain with the existing systems that I have as well as wind over the ones that I do not have

any kind of encounter in however will certainly utilize Dellons as an usual relate-able device. Likewise, bear in mind that

the exp prices might differ amongst gamers relying on guild ability degrees. It is not completely considerable yet

does build up in time, i.e. it takes Gamer A 8 secrets to max out straw as compared to Gamer B that takes 9 secrets.


Intro to Ruby Farming

Ruby farming is an approach of getting rubies in the online game with either performance or clear rate in mind.

Having the ability to ranch rubies successfully is a have to specifically for F2P gamers to be able to acquire both assorted

and also crucial points and also energies in the video game such as outfits, proficiencies, and so on


Hellenia - 1 AoE, ridicule ability, could run solo. CAUTION: Calls for some tender loving care, along with bunches of financing if you wish to utilize her solo (ITS POSSIBLE).


. Ruby farming groups need AoE (location of result) devices in order to succeed. We'll be talking about which AoE devices are fantastic for farming, the best ways to utilize sources successfully, and also which stages/difficulties are the very best wherefore gamer as well as why.


Eileen/Dellons/Spike/ Kris - higher-than-avg base dmg as well as greater AoE multiplier

Ruri - High dmg multiplier, 2 AoE abilities


Yuri/Ariel/May - At the very least one AoE ability, valuable passives


Every person else. Do not utilize 'em!


Heavenia/Snipper - I would certainly stay clear of these 2.





A: REALLY. There are very important proficiencies that shred off great deals of secs in your clear time.

The earlier you max your proficiencies, the less complicated grinding ends up being. MAX YOUR PROFICIENCIES !!!!

I advise this arrangement:







Choose abilities that raise your damages result, along with the ones that lower adversary defenses making them softer and also much easier to eliminate. Ez eliminates = Ezier 1hkos = quicker clear time = Excellent Success! Additionally, greater degree proficiencies enable you to "automobile aviator" as soon as your devices begin 1hkoing waves at a 100 % price.

You have to go to the very least at lv 65 proficiencies to be able to effectively do 7-1 tough. Having lv 70 and also 75 will certainly deal with most possibilities of leaving laggers behind to choose off with car strikes.




Individuals mostly make use of the 1back4front (protective) development. Your major AoE's dmg counts greatly on this.

Degree 20 development is the basic secure area for ez-medium problem farming however in order to achieve success

on greater degrees, you would certainly intend to have it maxed ASAP.











CRIT POSSIBILITY would certainly be the simplest means to boost your dmg outcome. The major objective is to be able to clear waves as rapid as you can, as well as SPD would certainly make you automobile strike regularly and also would certainly squander secs. Lethal isn't really bad however Crit has a greater multiplier.

Shield shoudn't matter as much other than when making use of Hellenia. Provide her as much COUNTER as you can!


Groups Compensations



If you maintain experiencing casualties, attempt farming on a map that's much less challenging, or update your proficiencies, tools, as well as devices. Do not require on your own to ranch on difficult maps if you're not furnished for it!

SubDMG will certainly probably require a tool port opened + solid weps to be able to 1hko waves 1 & 2 on the majority of tough maps. My Dellons presently has 1526 atk as well as still in some cases leaves laggers on wave 2 of 7-1 hard.

When grinding 7-1 hard, if you have a weak SubDMG device, you might need to alter your ability order. Utilize your MainDMG's abilities on waves 1 & 2 as well as allow your straws pass away on wave 3. That, or get back one degree.

Ruri is an appealing SubDMG system. When tailored with SPD, she could car assault two times on wave 1, make use of brief snipe to cleanse the staying 3 crowds, as well as has an Ignore Def ability with a high DMG multiplier.

Images for recommendation. Velika could remove 7-1 wave 1 as well as 3 effortlessly, while Dellons still has laggers left. A crit-build or disregard def SubDMG would certainly be optimal for getting rid of the Second wave.


MainDMG must either be Jave or Velika. SubDMG could be anybody from S to B course

MainDMG + Hellenia + 3 straw devices

PROS: Best group to make use of as a result of Hellen's put-down. May be a less secs slower as a result of needing to cast ridicule + vehicle assaults to clear waves. Reliable in Tough phases

DISADVANTAGES: Could just bring 3 straw systems Tiny possibility of enduring a casualty if opponent system makes use of an offending step prior to Hellen could cast ridicule on wave 2.

MainDMG + SubDMG + 3 straw systems.

PROS: Having 3 AoE abilities that 1hko waves allows you clear tough phases under 40 secs. Still reliable in Difficult phases

DISADVANTAGES: 3 straw systems, greater possibility of experiencing 1 or 2 casualties in wave 2 as well as 3 because of not having security from ridicule. Straw systems may obtain rubbed if individual isn't really solid sufficient to 1hko waves.

MainDMG + 4 straw devices

PROS: Could bring 4 straw devices Could get rid of phases under 30 secs on Regular method.

DISADVANTAGES: Restricted to Typical method, might experience 1 casualty on wave 2 if opponent device utilizes an offending step.

Hellenia + 4 straw devices.

PROS: Could bring 4 straw systems. Absolutely no casualties if done right.

DISADVANTAGES: EXPENSIVE BUILD!! (Needs to have both ports opened, with completely updated tools and also high counter shield), restricted to phase 2-10 Hard. 40-50+ 2nd runs relying on tool stamina.



Typical x-5 and also x-10 phases (other than 4-10, 7-5 and also 7-10) could be farmed with

[MainDMG/Hellen + 4 straw compensations] as long as you could 1hko waves. May experience a casualty if adversary makes use of an offending carry on wave 2 or MainDMG obtains CC would certainly.

Difficult 1-10, 2-5, 2-10, 3-5, 5-5, and also 7-1 need to be the ideal maps to ranch on Tough method.

MainDMG + Hellen/SubDMG compensation have to be utilized. Under 40 2nd keep up modest to high gold declines.

Difficult 2-10 could be solo would certainly by Hellenia + 4 straws. Calls for 2 ports opened, +5 high crit tools, as well as high counter shield. Holy Light on wave 1 removes it, Tease on Wave 2 and also clear with automobile strikes as well as counters, Celestial Light on wave 3 and also automobile assault Raccoon to fatality.


That's all the information I have for currently! If you individuals have any kind of inquiries, don't hesitate to ask listed below! I'll aim to respond to as high as I can!


Posted by Heather10McSwain on April 12, 2016 at 1:15 PM


Lv 1 costs 200G while Lv 30 costs 1650G. Do your ruby farming wrongdoings after that offer 'em!


For the long-term, FUSE THE 3/4/5 DEVICES YOU OBTAIN IN THE VIDEO GAME. You will not obtain them as commonly when you clear Tower or pick not to draw them from gacha.


usage 1 celebrity devices to power up 3/4/5 celebrity devices.

usage 2 celebrity devices to power up 6 celebrity devices.

usage 3 celebrity systems to fuse for 4 celebrity devices.

usage 4 celebrity devices to fuse for 5 celebrity devices.

usage 5 celebrity devices to fuse for 6 celebrity systems or place up if it's a preferred system.

usage 6 celebrity devices to make use of if it's preferable or fodder for trans/unlock.


If you find a system that you like as a 5 celebrity, it might deserve investing aspects on them. You need to utilize components moderately as they're instead difficult ahead by in the video game too.


You would certainly be losing concerning 2 weeks well worth of everyday dungeons if you determine to make use of a 4 celebrity component to rate up a 4 celebrity device. so place that right into factor to consider when playing as F2P.

That's all I might consider in the meantime. My secrets have actually regrowed as well as I need to be preparing for warm time soon.:D if any person has any sort of much better ideas or points that may intend to be included, please leave your remarks here. Many thanks for checking out!


At some point, they will certainly come to be 6 celebrity systems that you'll either desire in your celebration or as transcend/item unlock fodder.


INTEGRATING as well as utilizing COMPONENTS.

Integrating could be the very best means to purchase your major event going.

If you comply with and also complete the overview mission, you'll wind up with around 2-3 6 * devices.

with some 5 * to think about for combination. This is where your RNG good luck obtains examined.

If you obtain primo systems like Velika(thinking you really did not choose her as your totally free 6 *), May, or perhaps Evan, you need to be great for the remainder of the existing material in the online game.



It sets you back 400 rubies to grind simple Dailies 8 times to generate a 5 celebrity aspect and also 600 rubies to grind tool Dailies 4 times to create the very same point. You could additionally utilize your CR indicate get arbitrary 3 celebrity aspects every 4 days or one particular 3 celebrity aspect every 8 days. Directly, I choose the arbitrary ones to fuse because it really feels that you would certainly obtain even more value by doing this.


Preferably, components ought to just be made use of for rating up systems from 5 celebrities to 6 celebrities(unless it's a 7k system).


Q: Why should we utilize 1/2 * devices as fodder when it's less costly as well as faster to fuse greater placed devices?

A: 1/2 * systems are a great deal simpler to get compared to 3/4/5 devices.

making use of 5x 4 * devices to power-up a 6 * system just offers you 125 % on the exp bar, while.

utilizing 5x 2 * devices to power-up a 6 * system provides 35 % for the very same rate.

One would certainly obtain much more 2 * systems while grinding throughout warm time compared to 4 * systems. Certain, it would certainly set you back regarding 3.5 x as much (regarding 160k for 125 %) yet in the long-term, it allows you utilize the 3/4/5 celebrity devices for various other systems to have fun with.


PLEASE NOTE: Please do not do this if you're strapped for sources. As I have actually stated in my various other quick guide, if you're a novice, you have to obtain your 6 * core initially prior to doing anything else in the video game. The online game quits babysitting you once the overview missions end. I will not be called to account if you determine to utilize your sources unwisely:P


1 celebrity systems = feed them to 3 celebrity devices.

2 celebrity devices = feed them to 3/4/5/ 6 celebrity systems.

3 celebrity systems = FUSE. MERGE THESE BUGGERS.

4 celebrity devices = idc. Fuse or feed them to 5/6 celebrity systems.

5 celebrity systems = Merge them for 6 celebrity devices.

6 celebrity systems = thing unlock, exceed or maintain.


Do note that this is even more of an idea to lasting grinding in the video game. If you mean to climb the ladders RIGHT AWAY regardless effectiveness, after that do NOT use this standard as well as go directly to +5 ing your primary devices maybe perfect very early in the video game where the power climb obtains real.


I'm uncertain if you could obtain 7k devices from 4/5 celebrity blends. Possibly an individual can verify?

3 celebrity combinations are possibly the very best and also simplest method to obtain 7k devices.

I recognize, it's appealing to utilize them as fodder product, yet think me that if you wish to boost your possibilities of obtaining 7k systems other than depending on guild boxes as well as uncommon hero summons, attempt this technique if you have products to obtain eliminate. Best of luck!


I make sure several of us have actually seen individuals in the conversation box obtaining 7k systems via blend.

Below's a tip on how you can make use of fodder systems while raising your opportunities of obtaining

7k systems from greater than 2 resources.


You could additionally offer your lv 30 fodder systems (ideally the 1 celebrity ones) if you locate on your own short on gold.

Castle Rush Seven Knight Weekly Fights

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Joker/Heavenia/Ariel, to get rid of Rudy's guard aficionado when he triggers (you'll prolly have to bring 2 to cover each various other's cooldowns, his guard lover has a very reduced cooldown from exactly what I bear in mind).

 Advised units/strat from will guide you to beat all in seven knights castle.

Sarah/Lucy, to eliminate Rachel's debuffs.

Hellenia, this is an alternate suggesstion. Because her debuff is concentrated on a solitary target, you might wish to make use of Hellenia's ridicule to attract all the debuffs & assaults far from your celebration participants (Rachel has a rather suitable counter price, to ensure that will certainly still strike the system that struck as well as not Hellenia).

Keep in mind that you could additionally intend to bring Karon/Karin for a much more concentrated recovery power on Hellenia, considering that she will certainly have the def decrease debuff on her.



Currently comes the little information making your day-to-day runs a lot better. Each 7 Knights has their very own design of combating, so each design will certainly have their very own reliable counters to take care of them. See this for more excellent guide.


Karon, for his celebration stun resistance.

Sarah/Lucy could treat the stun standing as an option, yet his ability must cooldown alot quicker compared to your price of healing.


Suggested units/strat:.


Thursdays - Dellons.

His solitary target ability could harm rather bad, however one of the most unpleasant one would certainly be his Silence condition from the AoE, due to the fact that it provides your group pointless if you can not utilize abilities whatsoever.


Delonse as well as May's solitary target abilities will certainly neglect Rudy's guard def (His Protection Easy) as well as offer max damages.


Suggested units/strat:.

Rania, for event freeze resistance.

Sarah/Lucy, for the choice approach of making use of celebration standing remedy, however if they as well obtain iced up, after that your group is practically fodder.


Fridays - Jave.

His AoEs are rather unpleasant with one having the ability to melt, and also the various other with a possibility to bring upon def decrease. So def passives could assist abit to handle this circumstance.


Lucy, with her celebration block passive and also her condition treatment capacity.

Karon/Yui, for the various other AoE therapist (Karon's various other ability is a solitary recover solid recover, Yui's is the group AoE revitalize).


Lucy has the celebration block passive (50 % at 6 *). Damages taken is decreased when efficiently obstructed, harm phone numbers suggested by white message. Lucy could likewise heal conditions caused on your celebration.


Advised units/strat:.

In instance you require some protection to assist,.

Evan/Rudy has event def passive. If you have both at 6 *, simply bring Rudy, his passive is more potent (60 % for Rudy, 50 % for Evan) and also they cannot pile.


Suggested units/strat:.

Yui, for celebration silence resistance.

Sarah/Lucy, for the option approach of utilizing celebration condition remedy, however if they also obtain silenced, after that you're practically screwed.



You could wish to take into consideration bringing both Sarah as well as Lucy to cover abit a lot more on the standing treatment element for now.


Tuesdays - Eileen.

Presently there's no condition impacts from Eileen, so your best choice for today is to go full-scale with DPS. I generally bring Victoria on today for her aficionado (as well as due to the fact that in the future she will certainly be the device you require for resistance versus Eileen's standing).


Saturdays - Spike.

Possibly much like Dellons on fridays, the AoE freeze ability is unpleasant if you're not covered all right.


Advised units/strat:.

You could attempt relying upon Spike/Jane for their self-status resistance passive or Rudy for his guard aficionado. For these systems, when the fatality mark continents, they will certainly take harm rather than obtaining the condition debuff.


Mondays - Rudy

Among one of the most aggravating Seven Knight to combat from all. Generally since when his guard is up you cannot toss any sort of debuffs at him. So the essential technique right here is to have devices that could eliminate his guard lover. Rudy's sword ability assault will certainly additionally stun a solitary target,.


Sundays - Kris.

This person is prolly the trickiest of all the 7 Knights. He features a fatality mark on his abilities, which.

1) causes damages whenever you assault.

2) as well as if the DoTs do not eliminate you, it develops into instantaneous fatality otherwise healed by the Second turn. Making points also worse, also if you utilize a standing treatment ability, the device will certainly additionally take damages.


Advised units/strat:.

If you make a decision to choose def passive arrangement,.

Evan/Rudy has event def passive. If you have both at 6 *, simply bring Rudy, his passive is more powerful (60 % for Rudy, 50 % for Evan) as well as they cannot pile.


Lucy has the celebration block passive (50 % at 6 *). Damages taken is decreased when efficiently obstructed, harm phone numbers shown by white message.


Wednesdays - Rachel.

The even more unsafe condition to get from her is the def down, since that suggests the device with that said debuff will certainly get a lot of damages if assaulted by Rachel.


I comprehend that it might be alot of details to take in, yet this details is collected from individual encounter from playing the KR variation because in 2013, along with cumulative recommendations from all the expert gamers available, especially from the english neighborhood teams on Facebook.


May is actually great to have right here (or for any kind of day really), her passive lowers physical damages (needs to pile with Rudy/Evan's passive), however in addition to that her AoE even more minimizes the adversary's physical damages additionally by 40 %. Additionally, you could likewise attempt with a dual therapist arrangement to handle his AoEs.


If you discover the details right here valuable, don't hesitate to discuss them with your other guildmates as well as good friends that are playing this online game.


Sarah/Lucy to maintain Kris' undead debuff off. This is harder since every debuff got rid of the system obtains ruined.